How To Use Twitter To Increase Your Blog Traffic?

Twitter for bloggers

We all know that Twitter is one of the most popular social media out there but did you know that you can use Twitter to gain massive traffic to your blog?

As I have already mentioned in my previous blogs, Social media is one of the best places to promote your blog and Twitter is one of the best platforms to promote your blog online. Twitter is also considered a useful online space for connecting likeminded people. It is much more professional and the users are more information-oriented on twitter. So, You can promote your highly informative blog post on Twitter and users will definitely want to visit it.

Twitter has helped several bloggers like me to gain traffic to their blogs. Although I started blogging in July, I started promoting my blog on twitter at the beginning of August as I was not much aware of how much twitter can do to your blog traffic nor I was on Twitter before. But once I started using Twitter and got the hang of it, there was no turning back. Twitter helps contribute to 23.3% of my total referral traffic. 

I know this number is not very high but I have been working hard to increase this number.

But, How do you use Twitter to gain traffic to your blog? This is something that I have been learning every day. Every day I learn new things about the Twitter algorithm to help me grow your blog.

So, In this blog, I will share a few tips and tricks that I have learned in the past months that will help you grow your blog traffic via twitter.

Also, If you are already using twitter and try out on other platforms to promote your blog, here are 7 free ways to promote your blog.

1. Post Consistently:

As said by everyone, ‘Consistency is the key to success’ and twitter is no exception. Consistency is when you post your tweets consistently.

Over time, this consistency will help you build trust and confidence with your audience. This will make your post to maximum people repeatedly. 

Also, you need to track the posting timing which gives you the highest results. According to some reports, the timing that yields the maximum click-through rate (CTR) is between 1 pm to 3 pm on weekdays, and the worst time to post is on weekdays evenings.

Don’t be shy to tweet the same tweet several times. Twitter is always refreshing. So, you need to make sure that your tweet appears every time someone refreshes the twitter wall. 

If you have a blog link that you need to promote on twitter, it is recommended to post it on twitter about 4-5 times.

2. Use Attractive Media:

Media on Twitter includes images, GIFs, and are the most helpful tool for your blog. It makes your tweets attractive and the chances are more people will click on your post or the link to the site you are linking on your tweet.

According to many reports, Tweets with images are considered most effective. Using images in tweets results in a higher click-through rate, higher website visits, higher retweets, and more viewability.

Another media you can add to your twitter except tweets is a header image. It makes your twitter profile looks professional and attractive. Try to make it more personal using templates.

The size of the image you add on your tweets should be 1200px X 675px and it should be of 16:9 aspect ratio whereas the recommended size of your header image is 1500px X 500px.

Attractvive tweets for bloggers

3. Use Relevant Hashtags:

Hashtags (#) are the indexed keywords in twitter. If you are not already using hashtags on your tweets, then you are missing out on a lot of organic impressions to your tweets.

Hashtags help Tweets and conversations around a similar topic so people can easily find and follow what interests them. So, if people search for a specific hashtag, all the tweets including that hashtags will be visible. So, when you use hashtags, the chances that your tweet will be visible increase.

Trending hashtags are highly searched and used. Hence, using a trending hashtag on your tweet help you attract a highly-relevant audience. If you wish to gain more brand exposure, try to participate in different trending topics related to your niche.

Many accounts will provide a retweet if you use their hashtags. This is a good way to make your tweets visible to more audiences. Some of the hashtags that I personally use to receive retweets are:

#bloggerhuts #itrtg #theclqrt #thebloggercrowd #TRJforblogger #writersgain #btrgt #TwitchfamRT

But, be relevant. This is the most important. You don’t want to use a hashtag which is not really related to your post just because that specific hashtag is trending. You need to be more selective and think about the relevancy of the hashtag.

4. Active Engagement:

If you want to be successful on Twitter, engagement is something you need to master. Engaging with other users on twitter help to build trust between you and your readers. This makes your brand more visible and chances are more people will follow you.

You can engage with others by liking their posts, commenting on their post, retweeting their tweet, and tagging them in your tweets. This will ensure that you have a good network among the people of your industry. 

Everything that you do will definitely come back to you and more people will engage with your tweets. People will retweet your tweet and make your content/brand visible to a new audience. This can help you gain more trusted followers who may be interested in your brand or content.

5. Join Link-sharing Threads:

Link sharing thread is one of the most important methods you can try to gain traffic to your site from Twitter. It has helped me and I am pretty sure that this trick will help you as well.

Threads are the series of comments on a related post. It is basically like a comment on a twitter post. Your comment on a link-sharing post is visible to many audiences and they may click your link, like your comment, or retweet your comment which will help you grow your blog brand. They are also great for learning strategies/tips and connecting with other bloggers.

Not only blog link-sharing thread, but you can also join different social media threads where you can put the link of your social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc so that other people can follow you. This is helpful to increase your social following.

6. Promote Occasionally:

Yes, You need to hear this. You should promote rarely on twitter. I know its hard to digest but this is one important thing that you need to take care of.

No one wants a spammed feed on their twitter. People basically want more content than self-promotion. Get this on your head ‘People don’t want to hear too much about you’. Try adding value to your followers by posting relatable content such as memes, photos, cartoons, etc. This will make your page less about yourself but more about the people that follow you.

I advise you post 70% to 75% of helpful & instructive content and the rest of your self-promotion. Try to make it more about the people that follow you rather than yourself.

Twitter tips for blogger

So, these are the tips you can follow to increase your blog traffic through twitter. I personally follow all these tips and I have gained over 490+ followers in less than two months of using twitter. You can use these tips for your youtube channel as well.

Among all these, participating in blog threads is what I follow daily and It has helped me gain a good amount of page views per day.

Which is your favorite trick among all these? Let me know down in the comments below.

Also, you can follow me on Twitter.

Also, if you personally follow any other Twitter tips and tricks that worked for you, don’t forget to share it with everyone in the comments. I would love to hear and try out your recommendations as well.

13 thoughts on “How To Use Twitter To Increase Your Blog Traffic?

  1. Nice insight. I find Twitter incredibly difficult, I think without the blue tick and an army of followers that often time I am shouting into the wind from on top of a very high mountain. I need to look at more link sharing threads and put myself out there more in conversations.

    have you ever tried paid advertising on twitter? What do you think?

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