How to Brainstorm and come up with content ideas for Blogs?

How to brainstorm?

Do you want to know how to brainstorm and come up with content ideas for your blog post?

We all must confess, coming up with blog ideas are not easy. Getting an idea of the next content you are going to write after you have possibly written of everything you have thought of is hard.

You can’t just think of anything random and start writing about it. You need to have some valuable knowledge on the topic you are writing and It must solve someone’s problem.

 Otherwise, no one would read your blog, and writing that blog post would be meaningless.

So, to come up with ideas and inspirations for blog content, brainstorming is very useful. I use brainstorming to come up with my blog ideas and today, I am going to reveal about it.

What is Brainstorming?

Brainstorming is a creative technique to gather ideas about the problem and wind-up the solution to the problem. During Brainstorming, people come up with ideas spontaneously which are noted down and after the discussion, ideas are evaluated.

Brainstorming is done to get all the possible ideas about something and later group them to solve your problem.

Brainstorming is often done in groups. But, since you are brainstorming for your blog content and you are the single owner of your blog, It can be done alone as well.

The problem you are brainstorming for now is to get content or ideas for your blog post. 

So, here are a few easy tips for brainstorm that helped me brainstorm better :

1. Sit in a workplace:

You can’t brainstorm productively by laying on a bed or a couch. You have to have a dedicated workplace where your creative juices flow the most.

I recommend you sit on a desk or your workplace. This is the place where your mind is trained to be more productive. So, sitting in your workplace and brainstorming will extract all the ideas.

If you don’t have a dedicated workplace, I recommend you to sit in a quiet room with nice natural lighting for brainstorming productively.

2. Have a journal/notebook to mark-down your Ideas:

I recommend you to sit with either a journal or a note copy while brainstorming.

It is to avoid all the distractions that come with noting down your ideas on your phone/laptop (Social media’s Notification, Calls, and Emails). Make sure you are free from all your distractions.

If you still want to use your phone or laptop to mark down your ideas, I recommend you to turn your airplane mode on and Disconnect the internet. This will help clear all the possible distractions.

3. Keywords research:

You wouldn’t want to write something that people are not searching about. Right?

Do some brief keyword research before you actually start sitting down brainstorming. It will actually help you think of the ideas related to your niche that people are willing to read about. 

Here’s a FREE keyword research tool I swear by.

4. Markdown every idea you think:

While brainstorming, choose quantity over quality. Come up with as many ideas as you want and mark them down without any criticism.

Don’t judge your ideas now. You are just thinking and it doesn’t possibly have to go on the web. Just make sure you are thinking of ideas spontaneously.

Also, coming up with ideas spontaneously helps you generate more ideas that you can later filter and decide to use.

5. Think of your reader’s problem:

Who are your readers and what are the problems that your readers are facing? Some may be struggling with SEO, some may be struggling with choosing the right platform and some may even be struggling with starting a blog.

Keep this main problem in your mind and focus on generating ideas regarding how to solve this problem.

For those struggling with SEO, generate ideas on Easy SEO tips and how to rank high on google. For those struggling with choosing the right platform, generate ideas on detailed comparison and pros/cons of the different blogging platforms.

This will solve your reader’s problem and you have your blog content ready.

After you have marked down the ideas that you came up with after the brainstorm session, Its time to evaluate your ideas and actually find the content for your blog.

Content creation

Here’s how to come up with great content ideas for your blog:

1. Systemize your key ideas:

List your key ideas into different categories so that it will be easier for you to navigate through them

For example, If you have several ideas of SEO, then list them into a single category so that you can navigate through them easily and help you have a better understanding of your ideas and what content you can come up with.

This will help plan your content according to the ideas that you have marked down.

2. Combine and Improve ideas:

Combine different ideas that you come with can create unique content for your blog. You can Combine two ideas (Of related category) and come up with a bigger picture of content that is most likely to find the solution to the problem that larger audiences are facing.

For example, you have an idea of SEO tips and a list of different SEO plugins. You can combine the two ideas and come up with ‘Top SEO tips and how you can apply them on your blog using different Plugins ‘

You will have unique content with you that is most likely to solve the problem of a larger audience. And on top of that, you will rank for two different keywords ‘SEO Tips’ and ‘SEO plugins’. Isn’t it cool?

Then, your content is absolutely ready. All you need to do is write an SEO friendly article for your content and then hit publish.

But while writing any posts, be aware of these DOs and DONTs of blogging for beginner blogger

So, these are a few tips you can follow to brainstorm effectively and generate content ideas for your blog.

Make sure these tips while generating your next content ideas and feel free to comment on how easy it was to come up with ideas after following these tips.

Also, make sure to share it with your blogger friend who is having trouble coming up with content ideas.

27 thoughts on “How to Brainstorm and come up with content ideas for Blogs?

  1. Great tips. I love brainstorming. I scan groups and boards in my niche to get some basic ideas of questions. Then I keyword research. That usually gets me several narrowed topics and titles from one larger question.

  2. Great post. All of tips are so helpful. I am struggling a bit with finding what my audience is looking for but slowly i will figure it out. Thank you for sharing.

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