‘Feminism, Equity, books..’- Nisha Khatri: My Euphoric Talks, Ep.2

Gender equality is an integration of both masculinism and feminism.

Ms. Nisha Khatri
Feminism interview my euphoric talks

Hello Everyone! 

I am thrilled to welcome you to the second episode of ‘My Euphoric Talks’ series. In this series, We talk and have discussions with personalities from different niches and have a deeper look at their vision!

In this episode, We have Ms. Nisha Khatri to share her thoughts and views on several topics including feminism, gender equity, books, and much more. She is also the winner of Miss SEE Chitwan 2018. If you want to know more about her, you should definitely follow her on her Instagram: @nisha_khatriii

Now, For the conversation on this series, I would like to welcome her on this show:

1. Hello Ms.Khatri! Would you please tell us more about yourself?

We do not know ourselves well enough; our self-concept is hazy!

Our self-concept is often a summation of consistent views expressed by others about us. I think that your aspirations are more defining than who you are. “ I am an evolving person, who has a fairly accurate idea of who I would like to be & am slowly moving in that direction”.

2. Let’s talk about the trending topic in today’s world: Feminism. What’s your take on that?

Being a feminist is a part of my personal identity, and my identity is not stagnant. We started out with the sacrifice of many women and with every wave, we have accepted our flaws and worked for inclusivity. Indeed, there is plurality in feminists thoughts, some questionable, yes, but at the end of the day we all unite to fight against the systematic oppressive system of patriarchy.

                                                                                                                A system that is not binary, it is not men against women or vice versa. It is an oppressive system that has been enabled by our global and social structures, colonial history, and intersectional ties. In our interlocked world, the gender issue is NOT isolated. Any discourse concerning it develops in a sphere of socio-economic identities and privileges. The baseline that patriarchy affects everyone, except everyone except the elite minority, needs to be established and accepted. What must be further accepted is that patriarchy disproportionately affects women and benefits men (mostly, able-bodied, upper-caste cis male).

There is so much that we have to destabilize in our age-long fight against patriarchy. We owe it to our younger generations who have passed the torch to us to keep it flamed. Questioning established baselines, making it about men vs women, just diverts our attention/energy away from the main issue. It further prevents nuanced analysis and advancement.

My feminist evolves it might make mistakes but it listens, it learns and it fearlessly speaks against oppression.

3. Do you believe in ‘Equality’ or ‘Equity’ in terms of right for men and women?

Gender equality is considered a struggle for equal treatment, but it is not. So if gender equality does not mean females and males must be identical then what does it really mean? To achieve inclusive equality.

There is also a need for gender-equitable treatment. Equity is the recognition of fairness in different situations that treats people according to their abilities to achieve the same result. If the goal is to achieve gender equality, then both males and females are in the same position to contribute equally. In other words, gender equality is an integration of both masculism and feminism.

The perception that women are at the forefront of gender equality can be traced to the process of boys not taking responsibility and participating in ‘female’s issue’. Therefore, men’s involvement in achieving gender equality seems unusual and needs advocacy. To begin with, altering traditional masculinity should be widely accepted as a crucial step for gender equality. It is essential to strengthening self-awareness in children so that they do not limit themselves to their assigned traditional gender roles.

Likewise, there must be acknowledgment for men’s contributions, consideration of their issues, as well as encouraging an environment to participate in the movement for gender equality. In Nepal, the prevalence of women coming forward to talk about their real-life issues have gradually increased, but that is not the case for men. What seems missing is the network of support and compassion between males and females.

Another misconception about gender equality is that it holds enormous benefits only for women. However, less emphasis is given to the benefits for men. Both males and females must have awareness of the advantages received from gender equality, such as personal and societal wellbeing, economic advancement, healthy relationships, and equal power distribution. The awareness and subsequent responses will help to change the perception of men as problem-solvers rather than “problem makers”. This could explain the minimal participation of men in the increasing ‘Me Too’ movements that are witnessing sweeping responses from women but not as much from men.

4. So you participated and won the Miss SEE Chitwan 2018 pageant. How was the whole experience of learning and winning?

First comes orientation, where the only thing I remember was how well dressed up everyone was and how awful I was feeling of wearing a t-shirt with my hair braided. I was there because it was a time when pageants weren’t as overrated as it is now and was a good platform to showcase some of our potentials. Some of the training that we were provided were Traffic awareness, Public speaking and media handling class, stress and addiction management, Dental camp, and Self makeup. 

The people I got to know there are still my friends, confidant. The most vivid memory of me feeling out–of–the place was when I had to get ready for a private interview with a panel of judges where they weed out the girls and decide the top 15. I passed the first test and then came the painful walk in heels ( I still cringe when thinking about that). 

Surprisingly, I made it to the top 10 and finally the last top 5 Q&A portion. You have no clue what your question could be, All you can think about is not messing up and hopefully not saying, “Could you repeat the question again ?” In front of about 600 people, it was finally my turn. My question was, “What was that one specific character that I adore the most about myself ?”And I answered quickly, breaking down into what I thought I can. Honestly, I think I just wasn’t worried about looking perfect while answering. I speak with my hands, the expressions on my face, and the inflections in my tone. At that moment, my goal was to stir some kind of emotion in the judges’ hearts, and at that moment, that’s where I believe I won.

I had to pay just for the training and won cash way larger than the amount I paid along with a scholarship for my college. All I really remember from those few minutes of the final round was seeing my parents and my group of friends desperately making their way to the stage cheering and being overjoyed.

5.. If we have a look at your Instagram, you seem to be an avid book lover. Which is your favorite book you have read till now? why?

We all at some point in our lives face troublesome times. And during these times we require some support from someone, which we don’t get or are too abashed to ask for. So, we rely on books. And books are really helpful, but just the right books for your problem are difficult to find. I too had to rely on a book in the end. There isn’t a single book that I can honestly say has changed my life, save one. And that book is the Bhagavad Gita –As It is. 

To say this book was enlightening is an understatement. Not only has this book changed the way I look at life –but also the way I live it. Reading this book was like a self-discovery for me. My temperament, outlook, lifestyle, to name a few have all changed and it has also reaffirmed my faith in god.

6. Which genre of books are you most into?

 My favorite genre has changed a little over the years, but there are three that makeup almost the entirety of my book collection. My number one, however:

Fantasy: This is without a doubt my favorite fictional literature. It started (as it often does for fantasy readers) with Tolkien. The Hobbit was perhaps the first book I remember reading, and The Lord of the Rings soon followed it. I went through the obligatory Harry Potter phase as a teen (I still enjoy them somewhat, and am a proud Slytherin), but Tolkien has always transcended. Often times, fantasy has the perfect blend of magic and realism. The story works to incorporate the magic with the everyday life of the people, fleshing out aspects like how magic affects interactions between people or whether magic is even a thing that is commonplace anymore.

7. What are you currently reading and what are you planning to read next?

I recently finished reading “Atomic habits” by James Clear; it’s a fantastic book. I’d put this book in the top 3 best productivity books I’ve ever read, it’s that good. It’s an easy and entertaining book to read filled with personal stories as well as scientific studies. There’s a lot of information to absorb, but each chapter ends with a summary and important lessons that are repeated throughout the book. This will definitely be a book that I will be reading more than once, that’s how much value you’ll find in these pages. I’m planning to read “Samaya- Bimba” by Jhamak Ghimire soon.

8. At last, Which book would you recommend to a newbie reader?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Decide your genre and go for it. Try different kinds when you start.

Happy reading!

Thank you, Nisha for allowing for the interview. It was lovely having you in my show.

Hopefully, people can get a deeper perspective on several topics like feminism, equity/equality, books and much more.

How do you liked this episode? Let me know down in the comments. Also, I love getting feedback! Drop some if you have any feedback 😁

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