‘Blogging Journey and Tips’ – Vanesh Mali: My Euphoric Talks, Ep.3

The key motivation for starting the TechnoVans blog is to help people to grow in their online business

Mr. Vanesh Mali, Founder of TechnoVans
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Hello Everyone! 

I am thrilled to welcome you to the third episode of ‘My Euphoric Talks’ series. In this series, We talk and have discussions with personalities from different niches and have a deeper look at their vision!

In this episode, We have Mr. Vanesh Mali to share his thoughts and views on several topics including blogging and his blogging journey. He is also a full-time senior software engineer. If you want to check out his work, you should definitely visit his blog: TechnoVans.

You can also follow him on his twitter

Now, For the conversation on this series, I would like to welcome her on this show:

1. Hello Mr. Vanesh! Would you please tell us more about yourself?

Hi, my name is Vanesh Mali. I am basically from Jalgaon District ( Maharashtra state ). About my qualification, I am a postgraduate ( MCA ) from North Maharashtra University Jalgaon.

I started my career with one of the startup companies as a PHP Developer. I struggled a lot to get this job. But I am happy that this struggle taught me a lot and now I am working as a Senior Software Engineer in one of the MNC companies in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

I would say, I am a Senior Software Engineer by profession and Blogger by hobby. I blog at TechnoVans.com. I write about Startup Stories, Bloggers Stories, Blogging Tips, Business Growth Tips, etc.

2. How long have you been blogging for and how did ‘TechnoVans’ start?

How did I start blogging? It is a long story but I will try to tell you it in short.

After my post-graduation, in 2014, I started looking for a job. In the beginning, I started looking for a job as a DOT.NET developer ( ASP.NET ). I had given many interviews on a small scale to MNC companies. Failed. Tried. Failed. There were many candidates struggling to get the job as I was.

What I was doing at the same time is documenting my interview experience along with the questions asked in the interview. I was having a little bit of knowledge about blogging ( I had read it in a newspaper ) hence I started my Blogspot blog. I started my BLOGSPOT blog just for me to keep all the interview questions-answers at a single location online.

I explored the blogging using that BlogSpot blog and learned a lot, and decided to make that blog available for others to so that they can learn from my mistakes and experience of job interviews. So, I can say that my first blog was something related to Career Guidance.

Later, I got a job as a PHP developer and didn’t get that much time to focus on that Blogspot blog. I Concentrated and focused more on growth in a job. I have given 100% in every job I did.

TechnoVans blog born on Jan 2019:

I bought the domain name TechnoVans.com in August 2018, I was not having any specific purpose to buy this domain. I thought I could sell this domain name for a high price. But later I decided to make this as a blog and spread the knowledge.

Started TechnoVans, in Jan 2019, as an official/professional blog.

For TechnoVans, I have decided to write about:

Bloggers Stories

Startup Stories

Business Growth Tips

Tech Stories

Brand/Influencers Stories

3. What was your key motivation for starting a blog?

The key motivation for starting the TechnoVans blog is to help people to grow in their online business. I consider Blogging as an online business hence I utilized my blogging experience and knowledge to help other bloggers to grow.

4. You are also a full-time Software Professional? How do you manage time working on your career and your blog?

Working as a full-time software professional and managing my blog is not that easy for me. After working 9-10 hours a day, it’s a bit difficult to do something for a blog. Hence I decided to utilize weekends fully for my blog. Also, I try to complete my job assignments before the deadlines and give that saved time for my blog.

As my main source of income is my full-time job, I give first preference to my job and then focus on my blog. But Yes, I do hard work for my blog on weekends and make sure that I don’t lose my existing audience.

5. What is the best strategy that worked for you to increase your site’s traffic?

The best strategy, I would say is – Write an SEO friendly Blog Post.

Focus on getting organic traffic, we can say it is Passive Traffic.

Along with generating organic traffic by writing SEO friendly blog posts, there are many tips to increase the traffic to your blog. You may want to read my blog post: Tips to get more traffic to your blog

6. A lot of people start a blog just only to earn money. How do you view ‘blog’ as a source of income?

Earning money through the blog is not that easy. But if you follow certain blogging tips from the expert bloggers then you will certainly earn enough from your blog.

There are many ways to earn money using your blog. 

1. Display Ads ( Google AdSense )

2. Banner Ads ( local ads )

3. Affiliate program ( Amazon Affiliate program )

4. Sell your digital product ( ebook, course, etc )

5. Sponsored Posts

My favorite is Sponsored Posts. I earn through the sponsored posts published on TechnoVans. Almost all of the sponsored posts published on TechnoVans are Startup Stories.

If you have quality+niche content on your blog, then businesses/brands/influencers may want to publish their sponsored post on your blog.

7. Where do you want to go with your blogging career?

I just want to help people to grow their online business. I am trying my best to help people/businesses to increase their online visibility. I am trying to make a TechnoVans Stories platform for Startups, Founders, Bloggers, Brands, Influencers, Techies, etc.

TechnoVans will be a great worldwide brand, I am sure.

8. Many people question the relevancy of blogging. Do you think blogging is still relevant In 2020?

Yes, Blogging is still relevant in 2020.

We bloggers just need to be updated along with the updates in the tech world. We need to make experiments with our blog and grow as a blogger.

If you want to become successful bloggers then you must write SEO-friendly + human-readable blog posts. Solve the problem of readers/audience through your posts that’s the way to build the trust and hence the brand.

Be active on social media, engage with others ( bloggers/readers).

9.As a blogging expert, what are the blogging tips that you would want to share with beginner bloggers?

I am not a Blogging Expert, I also try to learn by experimenting with my blog.

Some Important Blogging Tips for beginners based on my blogging experience:

1. Write unique content, don’t copy-paste.

2. Write about the topic you love.

3. Write an SEO friendly blog post. If you are a WordPress user Yoast SEO plugin will help you for the same.

4. Add social share buttons to your blog post so that your readers can share your posts easily.

5. Read other blogs, comment on other blogs.

10. At last, say a few words to everyone who is thinking of starting a blog?

If you are thinking of starting a blog, START NOW. Take action, just don’t think only.

Learn and implement. Do experiments with your blog and analyze the results, see what is working and what is not working.

Last but not least, the Golden Rule of blogging I follow – 

Write about the topic you have knowledge and experience.

Happy Blogging!

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