8 amazing superfood lists to add to your diet (Superfood list 2020)

superfoods list 2020

You eat many things throughout the day. Some of them may be beneficial for your body while some may do bad to your body.

Some food you eat throughout the day maybe ‘superfood’ which is highly beneficial for you. These ‘superfood’ contains many nutrients that are highly beneficial for you.

But, the term Superfood doesn’t exist nutritionally. ‘Superfood’ is a term used by nutritional marketers to label highly beneficial and sell their products

What are Superfoods?

‘Superfood’ is a marketing term for highly nutritional packed foods. They are unprocessed foods packed with a high density of nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. 

Furthermore, many of the ‘Superfoods’ are proved to contain many antioxidants that are subjected to reduce the risk of several heart diseases and cancer. Some superfoods also help you lose weight while some help to improve your memory.

You can add ‘superfood’ to your diet and they will be really beneficial for you. Some ‘Superfoods’ are just general superfoods but some of them are pregnancy superfoods (Food which is super beneficial for pregnancy)

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Several benefits come with adding ‘Superfoods’ to your diet.

Superfood benefits:

1. Superfood contains a high amount of nutrients to fulfill your daily nutrients intake.

2. It contains Antioxidants and helps prevent diseases.

3. Some superfoods are proved to prevent heart-related disease and cancer.

4. Some superfood aids in weight loss while some help in better memory.

These benefits will help you live a healthy life. Click here to read the article on 11 great tips for a healthy lifestyle.

There are several foods categorized and marketed as ‘superfoods’. Well, here are lists of 8 amazing superfoods that are easily available and you can add to your diet.

Lists of 8 amazing superfoods to add to your diet:

1. Egg:

Egg- Superfood list

Eggs are one of the most nutrient-rich food in the world. They are very rich in protein, sodium, and potassium. But, the major nutrient of an egg is protein.

There are two parts of an egg: Egg white and Egg yolk. Egg white is the one containing a very high density of protein whereas egg yolk is very rich in fats. 

100 grams of Egg white contains 11 grams of protein whereas 100 grams of egg yolk contains 27 grams of fat and 1 gram of cholesterol. Egg yolk is considered ‘Unhealthy’ due to its high cholesterol content.

You can intake about 3-4 whole eggs (Both egg white and egg yolk) safely but you can eat as much egg white as you want (As per your dietary and Calorie restrictions )

Eggs also contain VitaminA, Vitamin D, Calcium, etc. Eggs also contain antioxidants and are a good source of Omega-3S.

You can also check out the Easy Breakfast recipe with egg (Recipe No.2) 

2. Flaxseeds:

Flaxseeds- Superfood list

Flaxseeds are turning up as the most popular ‘superfood’ in today’s world. They are nutrient-rich food and are also called Linseeds.

Flaxseeds are high in dietary fiber, protein, and fats. About 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseeds (About 7 grams) contains 2 grams of dietary fiber, 1.3 grams of protein, and 3 grams of total fat including omega-3. 7 grams of flaxseeds only contains 37 calories. 

Flaxseeds also contain Vitamin B and Minerals like Iron, magnesium, phosphorous, etc.

Flaxseeds may reduce the risk of cancer, blood pressure and it is proved to decrease ‘bad’ cholesterol level as well. It also aids in weight loss. It also helps relieve constipation as it swells in water and produce a mucilage-like substance and this process is called Imbibition

Flaxseeds are very easy to add to your diet. You can put flaxseeds in your salad. They can be added in smoothies as it thickens the consistency of the smoothie. You can also add it to your water, squeeze 1/4th of lemon and drink it to lose weight. 

3. Sprouted Seeds:

Sprouted beans- Superfood list

Sprouted seeds are not individual food. They are the germinating seeds with a sprout. 

They are considered very nutritious and healthy. The sprouting process help increase the nutritional value of seeds. Hence, Sprouted seeds are preferred over non-sprouted ones.

The sprouting process is very easy and it can be done at home. Just take a seed of your choice (Anything from gram, beans, green gram/Mung, etc.) and soak it for about 2-3 hours. Then, adjust the right amount of temperature and moisture, then your seeds will start sprouting.

Sprouted beans are richer in nutrients like protein, vitamins, and minerals. Sprouts help to decrease blood sugar level, improves your colon health, and may improve heart health. 

Sprouted seeds are very easy to add to your diet. You can add them to your sandwiches, salads, and side dishes for rice.

4. Chia seeds:

Chia seeds- Superfood list

Chia seeds are small seeds with very high nutritional value. Chia means ‘Strength’ in the Mayan language. 

It is one of the best ‘Superfood’ that has some amazing nutrient content and benefits. Chia seeds are very rich fiber and protein. It also contains fat which mostly consists of omega-3. 

Chia seeds also contain minerals like Calcium, Manganese, Magnesium, and Phosphorous. They are also gluten-free foods.

Chia seeds are full of antioxidants and are full of high-quality protein. They are also the best source of fiber. Chia seeds help improve bone health, heart health and also reduces blood sugar levels. 

Chia seeds are easy to add to your diet. You can add it to your fruit/yogurt salad and also to your vegetable salad. You can even add it to your smoothies as it thickens its consistency. You can drink it by leaving it in water overnight.

5. Turmeric:

Turmeric- Superfood list

Turmeric is a very popular spice that is used in various Asian dishes especially used in dishes from the Indian subcontinent. It is prepared from the turmeric plant which is native to south-east Asia.

It is being in several countries of the Indian subcontinent for a long time.

Turmeric doesn’t contain nutrients like Protein, vitamin, and minerals but it contains a bioactive chemical compound called curcumin which has a large number of medicinal properties.

It contains curcumin which is a very strong antioxidant and has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Turmeric (and its active ingredient ‘Curcumin’) has a strong antioxidant property which boosts the activity of antioxidant enzymes. It also has a strong anti-inflammatory property which prevents several diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, and neuron-related disease.

Turmeric can easily be added to your diet. You can add turmeric to your curry. You can even drink turmeric tea that is equally beneficial.

Drinking warm turmeric milk before bed will actually help with Insomnia and help you sleep better.

Turmeric is not just a ‘Superfood’, It is a ‘Super beauty product’ as well. You can see turmeric face mask all over the internet and guess what, it works really well. It helps to prevent acne/scars and due to turmeric’s anti-inflammatory property, it also helps in reducing inflammation. 

 6. Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate - Superfood list

You weren’t expecting dark chocolate on this superfood list, right? Well, how can chocolate be a ‘Superfood’? Dark chocolate is considered a ‘superfood’ due to its highly beneficial nature.   

Chocolates are made from cocoa beans which come from a cocoa tree. These trees are native to Africa and South America. Cocoa beans are full of nutritional minerals and benefits.

 While normal chocolate contains less amount of cocoa and a higher amount of sugar, dark chocolate is made with a higher amount of cocoa and less amount of sugar. So, it has a bitter taste due to less sugar.

Dark chocolate is very rich in fiber and other minerals such as manganese, iron, magnesium, copper, etc. in a very high amount. They also have a very powerful antioxidant property. 

Dark chocolate may help lower your blood pressure and also helps to circulate blood flow. It is believed to improve brain/memory functions. It also may help reduce the risk of heart diseases. 

Dark chocolate has higher calorie content (600 calories for every 100 grams). So, it is advised to eat in a limited amount. You can snack dark chocolate.

7. Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter- Superfood list

Peanut butter is made from ground peanut. It is commonly used as a spread for bread. It is an easily available ‘Superfood’ that is very easy to add to your diet.

Peanut butter is an awesome source of protein. Besides protein, it also contains carbohydrates and fats. Out of all the carbohydrate content, more than half of it is Fiber. So, it is fair to include pure peanut butter in a low-carb diet.

It is also full of healthy fats like oleic acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin B complex, and minerals like magnesium, manganese, and copper. 

Peanut butter can be easily added to your diet as it is commonly used as a spread for bread. Also, you can check out easy and healthy breakfast made with peanut butter and banana (Recipe No.4) which is very easy and healthy to make.

Although it is full of nutrients, it is also highly calorie-dense food. So, it should be intaken in a limited amount. Also, too much of eating peanut butter will increase one’s sodium, fat, and calorie intake.

8. Cinnamon:

Cinnamon- Superfood list

Last, on the superfood lists, we have Cinnamon. 

Cinnamon is a commonly used spice that is obtained from the inner bark of a specific tree. It is traditionally used as a spice and as traditional medicine. 

Cinnamon is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and research claims that cinnamon helps to lower blood sugar and even prevent diabetes. Cinnamon also may protect against cancer.

You can easily add cinnamon to your diet. You can add it as a spice, use it as topping and you can even drink cinnamon tea. 

So, These are the 8 amazing superfood lists that are very easy to add to your diet.

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You can comment which is your favorite among all of these ‘ Superfood lists’. 

Also, if you think your friends need to know about these superfood lists, then share it with your friends as well. 

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