7 Ways to Stay Productive During Quarantine

7 ways to stay productive during quarantine

COVID-19 has forced the whole world to shut down and is forcing people to be in their homes with minimal human interactions. So, being productive during this tough time can be difficult.

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has not only taken many lives but It has also affected the mental and social health of many people who are untouched by the virus.

So, To make yourself mentally and socially healthy, you need to be productive while you are at your home alone. You need to focus on the bright side of life instead of focusing on negativity that’s already around.

Being productive will make your mind less diverted toward all the pessimistic news and promote your well being.

So, here are 7 ways that you can do to stay productive this Quarantine:

1. Have a Proper Routine:

You need to have a proper schedule of everything you do throughout the day. Keep yourself active throughout the day

Make a to-do list of everything you plan of doing throughout the day and perform that activity throughout the day. Have a priority list of things you have to do. It will make your day more manageable and you will have less problem of thinking of what to do next.

Also, don’t set 100 things on the to-do list. Make things more manageable and practical so that you can do what you are doing properly.

2. Learn a new skill:

You always wanted to learn to code or you wanted to learn to play guitar but you are too busy with your 9-5 job or your study, now is the time to start

Learning a new skill in this free time will make your time sitting at home more productive and you will learn something that you always wanted to learn. So, if you want to learn something new, Learn it during this quarantine.

Here’s how you can Learn coding for free using Codecademy

3. Pamper Yourself:

Were you so busy with your work or study that you didn’t have enough time to pamper yourself and take care of yourself ? Now is the time to pamper yourself.

You can pamper yourself by getting dressed up, eating things you like, and doing skincare during this tough time.

Pampering yourself will boost your mood and make yourself feel a relaxing sensation.

4. Have a good sleeping pattern:

You don’t have to sleep for 12 hours straight just because you can. This will make you less productive and make you feel drowsy.

Have a strict sleeping schedule. ‘Early to bed, early to rise’ is what I recommend. Don’t wake up till 3 AM binge-watching shows and movies. This will hamper your brain. Also, never hit that snooze button while waking up.

5. Try new recipes:

Who doesn’t loves good food, Right? But, how about using this time to make something new and delicious food for yourself and your family?

Cooking helps to boost your creativity and makes you happy. If you don’t know cooking, you can learn it through various sources. There are tons of food recipes that you can try on youtube

And if you are cooking with your other family member, it will help you bond better.

Here are 5 Breakfast recipes that you can try

6. Have a Digital Detox:

Are you soo tired and exhausted with all the news and your social media? Well, then its time for a Digital Detox. During a digital detox, stay away from your smartphone, laptop, and any virtual media.

This will help you reduce stress, ease your anxiety, and help you relax your mind. Nowadays, Social media and other digital platforms are being soo addictive that having 2-3 days digital detox every once in a month is necessary.

But if you have a too-busy schedule to take a digital detox, just take a social media detox. Deactivate your all social media and limit your news

7. Get started with something you wanted to do:

Maybe you wanted to start a youtube channel but you had not enough time to do so? Well, you can start it now.

For me, I wanted to start a blog since last year. But, due to my college, I wasn’t able to start it. But during this lockdown, I learned WordPress and got started with my blog and you are reading it right now

If you want to start your blog, Here’s how you can do it

You can get started with what you always wanted to do. Maybe youtube, blogging, writing, etc. It will help you in the future and you will be glad that you started it now.

So these are the few ways you can stay productive during the quarantine.

COVID-19 has become a global pandemic and It is a real threat to mankind. It has over 14.6Million confirmed cases and more than 608K deaths (As of July-21).

So, I request everyone to follow the guidelines as per their countries. I hope that this pandemic will end soon and we will have a normal life. I pray that everyone is safe.

So, everyone who is in their house can follow these tips to stay productive and make their quarantine more fruitful.

How do you like these tips?
If there are more tips that you follow to stay productive this quarantine, please share it down below. I would love to hear it from you guys.

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  1. Having digital detox is quite hard but i often try it once a month , it seems to be very helpful . Thanks anish for this useful content . I hope to read more useful article like this…

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