6 Amazing Detox Water For Losing Weight And Detoxification

Amazing detox water

Detox water is a trending topic nowadays. Detox water or any detox drink is basically water infused with fruits, herbs, or seeds.

Drinking water and staying hydrated is highly recommended for a healthy life. But, the same water infused with fruits, herbs, and seeds adds the added benefit to the water and can improve your lifestyle in various ways.

From losing weight to enhancing complexion, detox water has various benefits and is used for many purposes. It also helps to flush out the toxins (helps you detox) and also helps to better your gut health and digestive system. It also helps balance your body’s pH which is essential for different body mechanisms and functions.

But, the ‘exact’ benefits of detox water comes from the ingredient used while preparing the detox water. So, here are 5 amazing detox water for a flat belly and that helps you cleanse your body and helps flush out the toxins.

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6 Amazing Detox Water For Losing Weight And Body Cleansing

1. Cinnamon & Apple detox water:

Cinnamon and apple detox water

Cinnamon is a superfood with a lot of anti-inflammatory properties & antioxidant properties. It has a very high medicinal value and may cut the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. So, no doubt it is useful for preparing detox water. Cinnamon also helps you shred those visceral fats and aids in weight loss. 

On the other hand, apples are also high in antioxidants and several other nutrients. Apple is a low-calorie fruit and if added to the diet, it supports weight loss.

The antioxidants in cinnamon and apple protect your cell against free radicals and also helps fight with different diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

2. Mint & Lemon detox water:

Mint and Lemon detox water is infamous due to its high weight loss property. Both mint and lemon support weight loss.

Mint stimulates the digestive system and helps for the better absorptions of nutrients. This boosts the metabolism of our body and helps you lose weight. Not only it stimulates the digestive system, but it is also a good appetite suppressant. It means it suppresses your hunger. This will helps you from eating and helps you lose weight.

Lemon on the other hand is like a magic wand for weight loss. Lemon makes you fuller for a longer time and boosts your metabolism. Lemon water also keeps you hydrated for a longer time than ‘regular’ water. So, lemon water can be beneficial for belly fat.

But not only weight loss, but lemon also helps you cleanse for the body. Lemon contains the nutrients that are good for liver health. It also helps flush out the toxins from our body.

So, these incredibly beneficial mint and lemon can come together and make magical detox water for weight loss body detoxification.

3. Charcoal detox water:

Charcoal detox water has recently become a trend for your body detoxification and people are using it to flush out different types of toxins from your body.

For charcoal detox, Activated charcoal is used. Activated charcoal is basically produced from overheating of carbon source like wood. It is easily available in the market. It is medically used during alcohol or other forms of overdose.

Activated charcoal detox water can be used if you ingest some poison in your digestive tract. It also helps in heavy metal poisonings like lead, arsenic, or mercury and helps flush out the heavy metals from our system. It can also help with overdoses of some medical drugs.

But too much of it can block your digestive system. So, I recommend you to have this water once every month or so, in a very little amount. 

4. Watermelon & mint detox water

Homemade watermelon drink with juicy and cold watermelon

Watermelon & mint detox water is another delicious water for a flat belly. It can bust out the intense heat of summer, tastes delicious, and also helps you lose belly fat. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Watermelon is about 90% of water. So, watermelon contains very fewer calories (30 calories for every 100 gram ). This makes it perfect for weight loss. Also, it helps to chill your body(if eaten cool). So, it is perfect for the summers to lose weight.

Also, mint is super good for your digestive system. It also helps for the better absorptions of nutrients and helps boost your metabolism which supports weight loss. So, the combo of mint and watermelon detox water is good for the flat belly as well as detox.

5. Honey & Apple cider vinegar detox water:

Jar of honey with wooden drizzler

Both honey and apple cider vinegar is considered best for weight loss. So, both combined together can help you lose weight faster.

Honey is a highly nutritional food. It contains a trace amount of vitamin B and minerals like zinc, potassium, calcium, etc. Having honey before bed can help you burn fat during the early hours of sleep. Some essential hormones in honey also promote weight loss and suppress appetite. Honey also helps ease digestive problems and promote heart health.

Apple cider vinegar is a proven tool for weight loss. It has a powerful antimicrobial and antioxidant effect. Apple cider vinegar is very low in calories. It prevents the accumulation of fat in your body and also suppresses your hunger, keeping you fuller for a longer time. Thus, it helps you tom lose belly fat.

6. Chia seed & Lemon detox water:

As mentioned in my Superfood post, Chia seed is magical food when it comes to its nutritional content and its antioxidant content. No wonder it is beneficial for weight loss as well.

Chia seeds literally mean ‘Strength’ in the Mayan language. It is very rich in antioxidants and high-quality protein. They are also a really good source of fiber. According to some researches, food high in fiber is directly linked with weight loss. So, foods high in fiber like chia seeds are recommended for weight loss. Protein in chia seeds also helps you lose appetite and makes you crave food less.

Besides losing weight, Chia seeds help in muscle development, improves bone and heart health. It is also found to reduce the risk of diabetes by decreasing blood sugar levels.

Lemon, on the other hand, is one of the best food for weight loss, as mentioned above. Lemon water keeps you full for a longer time and also helps to boost your metabolism. It keeps you more hydrated than the ‘regular’ water. It is also good for detoxification as it is good for the liver.

Chia seed & Lemon detox water is usually recommended to drink in the morning, in an empty stomach. It also helps ease your bowel movement and also maximize its benefit.

But, How to prepare Detox Water?

We have discussed all the ingredients and different types of detox water in this article. But, how do you really prepare detox water?

Well, Detox water is really easy to prepare. It is basically water infused with fruit, herbs, or seed. So, the basic technique of preparing it is infusing the herbs, fruits, or seed in the water.

Take water in a container and put any fruit, herb, or seed you would like to prepare detox water. But, make sure to not add lemon at the beginning as water infused with lemon for a long time can degrade the taste of water and make it zesty bitter. 

Then, leave fruit, herb, or seed in water for at least 4-5 hours (preferably overnight). This makes sure water will be properly infused with all the nutrients you are using. You can put it in the freezer if you like it chill. Then, just a few minutes before drinking, squeeze the desired amount of lemon and drink it.

Detox water has done wonders for me while I was losing weight. I was drinking chia seeds and lemon water in the morning and it worked magically for me.

I would like you to try some of the above-mentioned detox water if you are serious in your weight loss diet and also if you want to detoxify your body.

And if you are trying any other detox water recipe, be kind enough to let me know about it as well in the comment section. Also, How has it helped to lose weight? Do mention that in the comments as well. 

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